“Thank you for your generosity.”

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Bachelor’s degree in Biology
Swansea University

The Joseph Levy Education Fund grant ultimately enables me to study at Swansea, one of the best locations to study geography and biology and also stay healthy. I don’t have to make hard decisions between my health and my bank balances alongside my study because the grant enables me to get to my appointments and any extra visits whenever I need to! The grant also allows me to maintain my high calorific diet and exercise without financial constraints.

CF sufferers are not visibly disabled to the naked eye and as we are living in an appearance-based culture, we can dampen down our own view of our condition. In truth we are true fighters who maintain and go through a lot of very hard situations, daily.

Don’t forget that you have a life to live to the full and if university is part of your plan, do it!

But get all the help and support you can, like the Joseph Levy Education Fund offers, because living with cystic fibrosis means each day we have to manage a constant battle with our bodies, even before we’ve eaten breakfast.

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Bachelor’s degree in Creative Writing and Drama and Theatre Studies
Aberystwyth University

My University is four hours from my hometown and over two hours from the nearest CF centre, so travel to and from home and hospital appointments was a big concern for me when I made the move to Uni. The grant enabled me to feel much more financially secure and able to pay for trains and petrol costs to either hospital or home when I was feeling more unwell due to my CF. Additionally, it helped fund my membership in the Uni Dance club and other Uni events such as Superteams and Rugby 7s, which allowed me to spend time not just doing what I love, but keeping fit and healthy and on top of my physio as well.

I have just completed the second year of my degree in Creative Writing and Drama and Theatre studies. So far, my degree has allowed me to explore various parts of theatre and performance (being an extra on a filmset, scenography and directing) and given me the confidence to enter poetry and prose competitions, neither of which I would have been able to do before.

Go for it! The team at the Education Fund are very generous and superb at assessing applicants’ situations. The grant they supply you with will help you balance your treatments and education and make your Uni experience even better.

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Master’s degree in Creative Writing
University Of East Anglia

I had been working on my novel, The Illustrated Child, for a few years, and I was desperate to do a creative writing course to help me get it polished. Two years ago, the Joseph Levy Education Fund paid for a 6-week online course that taught me how to shape and structure my novel. Last year, on the back of my writing, I got into the very prestigious MA in creative writing at the University of East Anglia, and I was given a second grant from The Joseph Levy Education Fund towards that.

I’ve had a whirlwind of a year, coming runner up in The Bridport Prize writing competition, and going on to get a publishing deal for The Illustrated Child.

My life has changed immeasurably – I’m an author! I’ve gone on to offer my own bursaries for the Bridport Prize, for people with chronic illness and disability, because I believe we should pay these things forward when we can.

When you have a chronic illness, everything about life is just that little bit harder. The grant enabled me to really focus on my novel, to believe in myself, and without it I might not have taken up my pen and finished my novel.

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Upper and Lower Practical Camp
Storm Fitness Academy

The Joseph Levy Education Fund grant took a ton of stress off of my shoulders allowing me to focus on getting my qualifications done in the quickest possible manner without having to get wound up thinking about bills and money.

The course has enabled me to start my own business as a personal trainer which has been truly life changing for my health and stress levels. I’ve already attended an online course to further my knowledge about the human body and I’ve applied to attend a course on bio-mechanics in the coming months to really understand how the body moves.

Fill in the form, what’s the worst that can happen?

Don’t sit on the fence wondering what can be achieved, take the first step to getting yourself educated further and bettering your life!