“Thank you for your generosity.”

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James portrait

James Holford

BSc (Hons) Sport & Leisure Management
Canterbury Christ Church University

Thank you for your generosity. Studying at further education as I am discovering is no easy feat and doing this while also suffering from a terminal condition such as Cystic Fibrosis can throw a considerably large spanner in the works. Stresses such as regular hospital visits and extensive dietary requirements can be hard to manage around an already hectic University time table.

The sense of security, confidence andstability that the Joseph Levy Education Fund provides to my life helps me maintain my health, work hard to achieve my goals and relax while still enjoying the University lifestyle. Again I would like to say a massive thank you to your team for making my University experience so manageable and enjoyable as again without your generosity life at University could be far more strenuous for me than it currently is!

Nik portrait

Nicola Elmore

AAT Level 3 Diploma in Accounting
Royal Leamington Spa College

I am so grateful for the Joseph Levy Education Fund. It has helped me with the funding to continue my course to become an Accountant Technician. I had finished my Level 2 qualification last yeabut found out I would no longer receive funding for my course but because of the JLEF I have been able to continue my studies.

With this qualification I can work in afield which offers flexibility and bettemoney which I know will make living with CF easier and daily life more comfortable. This grant will not only go towards my tuition, but also things like petrol and student registration fees with the AAT.

Catherine portrait

Catherine Kieran

Honours Degree in Politics
Strathclyde University

I am now in my final year at universitydoing Honours in Politics. I am hoping to do well this year as I hope to use the skills learned in attaining my degree in a future career. Having Cystic Fibrosis means that success in my studies depends to great extent on how well I keep over this year.

However being awarded a grant from the Joseph Levy fund will have a huge impact in helping me achieve this goal.

It will help fund my travel to and from the university, which is often tiring as I have so much treatment to take throughout the day. It will help fund the books necessary for studying, meaning if on occasion I am unfit to attend university, or in hospital, I will still be able to study and catch up on the seminars I miss. The money will help fund the extra costs of food while I am at university. Having CF means I must eat a high calorie diet in order to stay healthy and keep my energy levels up. This is important to help me concentrate and keep well. I will always be grateful to the trust for helping me through my university years.

Ryan portrait

Ryan Southan

Rules, Regulations & International Judging System (IJS) for Figure Skating
National Ice Skating Association

The grant I applied for was for the coaching convention in August as to be educated in the rules regulations and international judging system (IJS) for figure skating

The grant also contributed to the computer to attain the needed pdf files from the national iceskating association (NISA) and the international skating union (ISU).